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2008 Gatewood Prizewinner Announced!

As if there weren't enough already going on, we wanted to throw some more information at you... Denise Duhamel has selected Marisa Crawford's The Haunted House as the winner of the 2008 Gatewood Prize. Congratulations, Marisa!! The ten finalists that Denise reviewed included the following manuscripts, in no particular order: 1. Bad Town by Olivia Cronk 2. Alchemy & Other Misfires by Brianna Colburn 3. & Waited by Kristin Hatch 4. The Haunted House by Marisa Crawford 5. Perpetua Takes a Backseat by Catherine Cafferty 6. Wheel to Wing by Steffi Drewes 7. Fact & Act by Rosa Alcala 8. Whale in the Woods by Blueberry Morningsnow 9. The Broken Zoo by Melanie Jordan 10. Darling Beastlettes by Gina Abelkop Congratulations to ALL our finalists, and thanks to everyone who submitted. You all make the contest process very difficult, and we are proud to have such fine work to consider! xo, Brandi

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