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Brandi Homan & Becca Klaver: Booksluts

"People go [to L.A. to follow their dreams, but it's also a place at risk of sliding into the sea." "I'm continually fascinated by by people from bigger cities...who think that small-town Midwest, or small-town anywhere, is somehow more simplistic, naive, innocent than where they're from." My fantastic Switchback co-founders, Brandi Homan and Becca Klaver, were interviewed by Liz Hildreth on Bookslut about their respective books, Bobcat Country and L.A. Liminal. (Note: If you haven't read these books, what are you waiting for??!) Highlights include conversation about level-7 reality, memory theatre, and love/hate relationships with location. Read the interview here: AN INTERVIEW WITH BRANDI HOMAN & BECCA KLAVER, JULY 2011

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