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Kathleen Rooney reviews Switchback Editor-in-Chief Brandi Homan's

Page after page, Bobcat Country stirs both the counter-intuitively satisfying “Should I be reading this?” queasiness of the Confessional poetry of Berryman, Sexton, and Snodgrass, and the unsettlingly provocative “Is this really poetry?” queasiness of such Muumuu House-affiliated poets as Ellen Kennedy. In her second collection, Bobcat Country, Brandi Homan pulls a surprising bit of bait and switch. She calls the things contained therein “poems,” but really, they are some of the funniest, saddest, most honest and raw pieces of autobiographical prose to come along in some time. But it seems like Homan couldn’t care less about whether someone who self-identifies as a “poet” has to write things that are easily identifiable as “poetry” at all. Read the whole review here: Buy Brandi's book here:

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