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Rae Armantrout Wins Pulitzer Prize!

To which I say, Whoa! Cool! They're giving the Pulitzer Prize to experimentalish ladytypes now?! Who knew. Here's one of her poems, in celebration:

BY RAE ARMANTROUT They’re sexy because they’re needy, which degrades them. They’re sexy because they don’t need you. They’re sexy because they pretend not to need you, but they’re lying, which degrades them. They’re beneath you and it’s hot. They’re across the border, rhymes with dancer— they don’t need to understand. They’re content to be (not mean), which degrades them and is sweet. They want to be the thing-in-itself and the thing-for-you— Miss Thing— but can’t. They want to be you, but can’t, which is so hot.

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