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Help a Sister Out!

Leigh Stein, author of the chapbooks Summer in Paris, How to Mend a Broken Heart with Vengeance, and Least Inhabited Island II, is awesome. She's also obsessed with puppets! And putting poets voices inside them. Leigh is asking for your help. Not because she’s insane, silly. Because she wants to buy a FlipCam so she can bring puppets to AWP in Denver as a part of Poets and Puppets! Leigh writes: For those of you who were at AWP last year, I might have asked you to record a puppet video with Bernadette or another special friend. This year I am asking for your sponsorship. If you like poetry, if you like puppetry, if you like fun, hell, if you like me, please consider helping me purchase a Flip Cam so I can bring puppets to Denver, and in return you will be handsomely rewarded in heaven and also here on earth: For $5, I will record a video of a puppet of my choosing reading a poem of your choosing For $10, I will make a puppet that resembles you or a loved one and this puppet will ride in my suitcase and join my cast of characters (please send reference photos to leighstein (at) gmail). Such a steal! Leigh’s project is 92 percent funded so far. She just needs a few more sponsors. So go to Leigh’s blog and sponsor a puppet. And if you’re at AWP, be sure to stop by TABLE X to make your own movie at AWP. I confirmed this with Leigh: “ANYONE can make a movie with me at AWP, whether I know them or not, whether they gave me $ or not.” But still, even better to sponsor a little puppet of your own and get to know Leigh, don't you think? The puppet recordings will be happening at Table X at AWP. April 8, 2010 from 12 - 2pm April 9, 2010 from 12 - 2pm Good luck, Leigh. Good luck, Poets and Puppets.

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