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4-Year Anniversary Thanks!

Switchback's 4-year anniversary is today! I've really started to think that Switchback time works like dog years... How has so much happened in only four years??! Thank you to everyone who has supported us, in any way, shape, or form. We'd like to thank the following folks by name, here in random order: - All of our respective families! - The Switchback poets: Marisa Crawford, Jessica Bozek, Kathleen Rooney, Peggy Munson, Caroline Noble Whitbeck, and Mónica de la Torre - All of our current staff members: Whitney Holmes, Dolly Lemke, Megan McMullen, Jen Cullerton Johnson, Liz Hildreth, and Sarah Carson - Cathy Nieciecki - Erika Snell - Melissa Severin - Kristin Aardsma

- Daniela Olszewska - David Trinidad - Arielle Greenberg - Simone Muench - Tony Trigilio - Crystal Williams - Joan Larkin - Andy Trebing - Andrew Koszewski - Carol Muske-Dukes - Patty Seyburn - Denise Duhamel - Erik Mace - Stevie Curl - Mairead Case - Jess Rose - Rachel Finkelstein - Jen Watman - Elizabeth Metzger Sampson - Helen Kiernan - Beatriz Ruiz - Joyelle McSweeney - Kristy Bowen - Jonathan Messinger - Zach Dodson - Jill Summers - Paper Airplane Pilots - COLUMBIA COLLEGE CHICAGO!


Brandi, Becca, & Hanna PS. A Very Switchback Photo History hitting this blog shortly!

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