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O SAY CAN YOU SEE: Deadline Extended to August 20!

Let me know (beccavista[at]yahoo[dot]com) if you're interested in contributing! All entries that follow the guidelines will be included on Delirious Hem! =========================================== O SAY CAN YOU SEE: Nonverbal Reviews and Adaptations of Women's Poetry =========================================== New Deadline: August 20 What book, chapbook, performance, or poem by a woman poet published/presented in the last year or two has left you speechless? How might that speechlessness manifest itself visually, sonically, or through another nonverbal medium? Please create a response to this piece; your response can act like a review, adaptation, homage, investigation, companion piece, Frankenstein, child, or any mash-up of the aforementioned. In August, all responses submitted will be featured as a forum on Delirious Hem. Curated by K. Lorraine Graham and Becca Klaver. FAQ Are all words banned? Although the projects should not be text-based, words are not banned. I want to create a response to a poem published in 2007. Is this too early? Nope. We mean "published in the last year or two" loosely. Can I create a response to a book written by: a) a man? b) a biological male who identifies as a woman? c) a drag queen? a) No. b) Yes. c) Yes, if they self-identify as a woman. Can non-Pussipo members participate? Yes. If you'd like to forward this call, feel free. Can men participate? Yes. What file formats can you accept? For videos, Blogger can accept AVI, MPEG, QuickTime, Real, and Windows Media, 100 MB maximum size. For images, jpg, gif, bmp and png images, 8 MB maximum size. Responses might include videos, songs, performances, photographs, or photographs of visual pieces, but are not limited to these, so please query if you're not sure if Blogger can support your format. Questions, submissions, stating your interest: Please contact K. Lorraine Graham (klorraine[at]gmail[dot]com) and Becca Klaver (beccavista[at]yahoo[dot]com). Due date for submissions: August 20, 2009. Feel free to forward this call!

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