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[guidelines in pdf] Innovative image + text works by women artists and writers sought for new SIGLIO PRESS anthology. The anthology asks: WHY AND HOW... does hybridity play an extraordinary role in women’s creative work? [i.e. Claude Cahun’s textual subversions, Charlotte Salomon’s autobiographical paintings, Nancy Spero’s mytho-historical collages, Yoko Ono’s instructions, Allison Knowles’ notebook distillations, Eleanor Antin’s psychological notations, Jenny Holzer’s truisms, Ann Hamilton’s burned book pages, Louise Bourgeois’ embroidered psuedo-aphorisms, etc., etc. etc.]. We are looking for a wide range of image+text work: including—but definitely not limited to—comics and graphic narratives, collage, photo+text works, drawings, text driven by typographical play, altered bookpages/environments, etc. We are most interested in work that plays with new taxonomies, reinvents narrative forms, investigates language, disrupts paradigms, creates unsettling, illuminating juxtapositions, spills over in excess, creates multiples strands of conversation and meaning, and/or is uncontainable in any single medium. GUIDELINES (pdf). DEADLINE: JUNE 15

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