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A quick note to contest entrants everywhere

We just wanted to take a minute to draw some attention to a problem that has occurred with our last two contests. Entrants have not been notifying us when they have a manuscript accepted elsewhere. This happened twice this year (out of ten finalists!) and has wasted a great deal of time. We had nine readers this year that read ALL manuscripts, and then we had two marathon meetings where we got together to duke it out for the finalists. It is disheartening to know that the very people whose work we are getting excited about and defending to one another cannot be bothered to shoot us an email with their news... and exciting news! We are of course happy that the work we like is getting out into the world one way or another. I dunno, it's frustrating, and we just wanted everyone to take a minute to think about this when you are seeking a home for your manuscript, now and going forward. Best wishes, and xo, Brandi

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