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The Many Faces of an Indian Feminist

Ultra Violet is putting together an awesome collection of profiles of young Indian feminists. The site features the pictures and "mini" feminist manifestos of the profilees. Check out the previously posted profiles and/or submit your own here. Some choice quotes: In an ideal world, Feminism wouldn’t exist. And all feminists should work towards that ideal state when a woman won’t have to depend on legal intervention or resort to bra-burning to get her proportionate share of this world. ~Abhishek Vanamali, 31, Marketing & IT Professional, Mumbai Some people around think I should call myself a “humanist” or at least, not a feminist “because you love men and talk about the repercussions of a patriarchal society on men’s lives too.” Yes, I love men. And I care deeply about the different ways in which conditioning has been robbing men and women of various freedoms. ~Chandni Parekh, 25, Psychologist and Sexuality Educator, Mumbai I am a feminist because I like making my own choices and because it showed me we are not “born” anything, we “become” and are “made” everything. Feminism helped me cut past the noise of propaganda. Also, I love the devil horns and hairy legs they gave me at the Feminist licensing center. ~Gitika Talwar, 26, Graduate Student, Baltimore I am a feminist — I believe women are equal to men and deserve access to all the opportunities, choices and fun that is available out there! ~Sameera Khan, 39, Researcher, Journalist, Mom, Mumbai

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