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Do You Buy Poetry? A Simple Poetry Survey

1) Have you bought a poetry publication in the last 12 months? (If you can't recall that far back, just what you remember within the last 12 months would be fine.) 2) If so, which one(s). If not, why not? 3) If you have bought a poetry publication, how did it/they come to your attention? Send your responses to Eileen Tabios, GalateaTen [at] aol [dot] com. More details at Eileen's blog, and see her answer here. From Eileen:

I would like to post the results of this survey -- I'd be happy to post your answer anonymously (and obviously keep your identity confidential) if you let me know. If you don't buy poetry, I'd appreciate hearing from you and why not, too (even if your reason is that most mundane but important factor: I'm broke!).

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