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Love Fests

We're thrilled to announce that Advisory Board member Patty Seyburn will be judging the contest for the next Gatewood Prize (deadline: October 7, 2007). See complete guidelines here. And, because of some fierce and dedicated skirting of the status quo around here, we have several promotions to announce within our own ranks. Kristin Aardsma now wears a sash that reads "Editor," and Daniela Olszewska and LaRaie Zimm sport matching "Editorial Assistant" fanny packs. We'd also like to welcome Yvette Thomas and Jennifer Steele, our fabulous new interns. Thanks to Patty, Kristin, Daniela, LaRaie, Yvette, and Jennifer for all of their support. Hope to see you at the Clipper on Valentine's Day for the ultimate launch party and love fest!

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