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Winner of the 2006 Gatewood Prize!

And the winner is... Caroline Noble Whitbeck, for her manuscript, Our Classical Heritage: A Homing Device. Congratulations to Caroline and the rest of our finalists, listed here in no particular order: Allison Titus, Barter, Fasten Lisa Furmanski, Famish Lesley Jenike, Ghost of Fashion Julie Choffel, Massacre of the Perfection of Snails Kristy Odelius, Strange Trades Julie Doxsee, Undersleep Eileen G'Sell, Gently Now, The Revolutions Melanie Jordan, The Broken Zoo Julie Doxsee, Of Unsuspended Suns Thanks so much to all of our contest entrants! We were thrilled with the variety and overall quality of the manuscripts we received. It was a very difficult decision. Thanks again and all best, The Switchback Books Editors

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