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Our Very Own Becca!!!!

Sense & Nonsense: A Poetry Workshop with Becca Klaver Saturday, May 30, 12-4pm $40 / $35 members - includes a ticket to the 7pm Switchback Books Reading Through a variety of sensory and nonsensical experiments, in this workshop we will explore our relationships to each of the traditional five senses (especially those we take for granted), consider the additional senses that poets rely on (sixth, seventh, seventeenth), examine synesthesia and other sense-related poetic topics, and indulge in nonsense. Experiments may or may not include flâneuring, blindfolds, taste/smell/touch-tests, and speaking in tongues, or in Stein. Participants will be asked to bring a few simple supplies to aid in the experiments, and will use the material generated to compose one or more poems or short texts by the end of the workshop. Becca Klaver was born and raised in Milwaukee, attended the University of Southern California (BA) and Columbia College Chicago (MFA), and currently lives in Chicago, where she works and teaches at Columbia. With Brandi Homan and Hanna Andrews, she co-edits the feminist poetry press Switchback Books. Recent work can be found online in No Tell Motel, H_NGM_N, and Coconut. Her chapbook, Inside a Red Corvette: A 90s Mix Tape, is sold out from the greying ghost press. 414-263-5001 to register

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