On HTML Giant today: Marisa Crawford and Jennifer Tamayo Making People Care About Poetry

Who made you care about poetry in 2013? Maybe it was one of the same people who made JD Scott care? Switchback authors Marisa Crawford and Jennifer Tamayo made his list; did they make yours? Who made you want to pass heart-o-grams this year? Who lept from the page, "rhapsodic . . . deliciously surly."? Read the article: "23 More People Who Made Me Care About Poetry in 2013 (From One of The Million People Who Will Make Your Care About Poetry in 2013)".

Staff Profile: Jennifer Tatum

1. What do you do for Switchback? This, right here! I will be managing the blog, the Facebook page and Twitter. As a regular Switchback blog follower, and a general fan of this fab poetry press, I am excited to be on the team. 2. What do you feel like you get out of working for Switchback? Being able to be a part of this press, and in a position to promote the work and the mission is something that I am so excited to start doing. I recently read manuscripts for the Gatewood Prize, and the process of reading, discussing and really digging into a collection of poems was an enriching process for me as a writer, which is just an added bonus to working for Switchback. 3. Where are you from, a

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