T-sky Call for MS reminder!

From our poetry-press love, Tarpaulin Sky: Readers, writers, and friends, Just a short email to remind everyone that the deadline for our full-length manuscript reading period is 31 October. New this year is the ability to send your manuscript via email as well as by USPS. We'll paste guidelines below; they are also available online here. As always, you can keep on top of TSky Press's doings via the TSky News & Notes blog and the TSky Events blog, as well as via Facebook and Twitter. ALL SUBMISSIONS (SNAIL MAIL AND EMAIL) Manuscripts should be emailed or postmarked between October 1 and October 31, 2010. There is no need to query first; simply send the manuscript according to the

Becca Klaver interviews Kate Durbin

Becca Klaver on Kate Durbin over at H_NGM_N! A brief highlight: "Girls who’d ignore you in front of some guy they liked, for example, or talk shit about you behind your back to other girls because they were jealous. Girls who were incredibly smart and yet would make fun of you for something stupid, like your period stained underwear. Certain feminists have talked about how the effects of the patriarchy are what have turned women against each other, and okay, that’s true. Except that when you leave your friend in a compromising position at a party, or when your friend leaves you, you know that you made a choice. It may have been two lousy options you were choosing between, but you still

New journal looking for work by women of color

"aaduna seeks to broaden the current online paradigms associated with publishing works by emerging writers and artists especially for people of color. From a multicultural viewpoint, aaduna comprehends the fact that while cultures and ethnicities tend to exist separate from each other, that development is a political, social, and contrived construct. Therefore, aaduna seeks to erase such artificial distinctions, and welcomes submissions from emerging writers and visual artists whose work goes beyond expectations based solely on physicality or cultural characteristics. While aaduna is primarily interested in providing a viable publishing platform for people of color, the world is huge, and th

Caroline Noble Whitbeck in the new Elimae

Switchback poet Caroline Noble Whitbeck has work from a new project, 101 End-Time Recipes, up in the October issue of Elimae. She advises: "Start with the simple cuts: the soft-cup / bra atop the chainlink, snags"

There are no ponies here...

...but we've got a slew of poems up over at HORSE LESS REVIEW #8! Check out work by Switchbackers Jessica Bozek, Becca Klaver, and Dolly Lemke, plus our fellow Columbia College Chicago Poetry MFA compatriots Tyler Flynn Dorholt and Russell Jaffe. The issue also includes other people Switchback hearts eternally, including Danielle Pafunda, Juliet Cook, Kate Durbin, and Samuel Day Wharton. Congrats everyone!

Mónica de la Torre at NYU This Thursday 10/14!

The New Salon: Poets in Conversation Mónica de la Torre (with Robert N. Casper) Thursday, October 14th, 7:00 p.m. Lillian Vernon Creative Writers House 58 West 10th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues New York, NY Translator and poet Mónica de la Torre’s second and most recent book of poems is “Public Domain” (Roof Books, 2008). In conversation with Robert N. Casper; co-sponsored with the Poetry Society of America.

Elizabeth Hildreth interviews Kate Durbin

Getting all Bookslutty on us again: "Each woman is performing her identity for the ravenous audience, and a huge part of the performance of identity is the costumes we don and discard. Fashion is seen culturally as the most ubiquitous and feminine and therefore the lowest of the arts, the most shallow and market-driven. Teenage girls are obsessed with fashion, as are drag queens. Serious people, 'authentic' people, do not care about fashion."

!Women Art Revolution: A Formerly Secret History

Seems like other disciplines continue to ask the same kinds of questions we've been asking privately and VIDA's been asking publicly. See the Venus article here. Read more about the documentary here. Join the conversation/community here.

Marisa Crawford Upcoming Readings

San Francisco State University Poetry Center HUM 512 Thursday, October 7th, 2010, 4:30pm Marisa Crawford & Lizzy Acker Lizzy Acker grew up in Oregon but she now lives in San Francisco where she collects bacon grease for hypothetical soap making projects, surfs, makes books and blogs at lizzyacker.com. She is the former co-curator of the Funny/Sexy/Sad reading series and she received her MFA from San Francisco State University. Her first book, Monster Party, a collection of stories about boys, aliens and violence, is forthcoming from Small Desk Press in 2010. For of taste of Monster Party, scroll down athttp://bangoutsf.com/volume-viii-heat/video-library-for-volume-viii-heat Marisa

VIDA on The Count and Gender in Publishing

Hopefully by now you're aware of the important conversations going on over at the VIDA site, but if you're not, here are two to get you started. What We Talk About When We Talk About 'The Count' "The issue is, frankly, that publishing, reviews of one’s work, as well as awards, all help to further a writer’s “career.” This means, simply, that one is granted, via such recognition, the following: JOBS (more money + health insurance = greater health = more time to write); GRANTS (more time to write); RESIDENCIES (more time to write); MONEY (more time to write) . . . in other words, all these things clearly provide a means by which an author can focus more on his or her craft and thereby more f

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