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Amanda Marcotte laments our inability to discuss the abuse of women as freely and directly as we can the abuse of cats. * Alexandra at Feministing offers Eight Edgy Post-Feminist Pitches for the Traffic-Hungry Editor. * Sarah McCarry discusses Erica Lorraine Scheidt's Uses for Boys, the rush to slut-shame a fictional character, and the effect that has on real women. * Delirious Hem posts the fifth installment of the Women Publishers Roundtable (featuring editors from Switchback Books, dancing girl press, Birds of Lace, Patasola, Sundress, & Noctuary Press). * Skepchick Heina laments the Blinding Whiteness of Feminism. * Sociological Images looks back at the age of the flapper. * Emma Kat Ric

"On Confidence" by Colleen O'Connor This has been difficult.

This has been difficult. I volunteered to write the first editorial post for Switchback’s re-launched blog months ago, not thinking about the PRESSURE. Not thinking about the WEIGHT. I have opinions, especially when it comes to women’s writing. I think some things and speak of those things often. Where, I wonder, are those things now? Now that I stare at this screen, this pulsing cursor? I am my own hand across my mouth. I’m stitching my own lips. * Much has been said about the VIDA statistics. Important and big things. As a writer myself, as the managing editor of Switchback, as a reader and lover of literature I am aware and I am riled up. I read reviews of women’s writing and I’m nausea

Staff Profile: Rachel Harthcock

1. What do you do for Switchback? I am Switchback’s Editorial Intern. What do I do? Anything I’m asked to do! And hopefully I get it done as close to deadline as possible. My proudest moment has been pitching a quasi-marketing plan for our rebranding. My lowest moment was selling one book at AWP. 2. What do you feel like you get out of working for Switchback? I adore my work with Switchback. What I get most out of working for Switchback is how the editorial staff and members of the board have mentored me. The women I work alongside are all role models to me. I could go on to list the times one of them said a thing or did a thing that shifted my worldview or sense of self but there is a sacre

The Grand Return of the Switchback Books Blog

Welcome to the new Switchback blog! Starting next week, we're relaunching in a big way. Original content every week, including interviews with our authors, staff profiles, opinions from our always-opinionated editors, and more. If you're a Switchback fan, a feminist poet, a poetic feminist, or just a curious party, watch this space!

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