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SEAM RIPPER: Call For Work

SEAM RIPPER: Women on Textual & Sartorial Style

Emily Dickinson’s dress.

(Photo: Jerome Liebling, Mt. Holyoke Art Museum.)

This Delirious Hem feature calls for women poets and writers to submit texts and images that examine the relationship between writing and fashion in their lives. Please submit:

1. A brief text that comments on, enacts, or somehow examines the relationship between your clothing and fashion accessories, and your writing and writing accessories.

2. Images (1-5) that display this connection.

We imagine that these texts and images will take all sorts of forms, from poems to prose sketches to photo shoots to close-ups of fabrics and textures. You may choose to include your body in your images, or not. You should interpret these guidelines as loosely as they are intended; if you have questions about a particular idea, feel free to email the curators at the email addresses listed below.

Submit to curators Kate Durbin and Becca Klaver (kate_durbin at yahoo dot com, beccavista at yahoo dot com) by April 15, 2011. Please include a short bio.

Delirious Hem:

Kate Durbin and Becca Klaver talk about poetry and fashion:

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