Home rEc: "Our big fat Feminism show"

January 23, 2010

Wednesday, February 3, 2010 
8:00pm - 11:00pm
3614 N. Damen Ave.
Chicago, IL

curated by Allison Gruber and Erin Teegarden

Remember when you first discovered Feminism? You were young and idealistic. You worshiped the Earth Goddess and told your dad to "Fuck off". You slapped, "subvert the dominant paradigm" stickers on your Dodge Omni, told your mom to read bell hooks. Remember Adrienne Rich, Audrey Lord, Ani Difranco, that "oh-my-God-I-AM-being oppressed!" feeling? Remember the notion that you needed to free all women from patriarchy's restraints? Of course you were crestfallen when you realized the rest of the world did not share your ideals. Navigating the treacherous terrain of sexuality, employment, and relationships is no easy feat for an unapologetic Feminist (and worse if she's wearing high heels). Home Ec taught us to sew a crappy pair of shorts. But we needed a different kind of education. In a world where Hugh Hefner is a house hold name, and young women repeatedly insist: "I'm not a feminist or anything", Home rEc creates a space for readers, performers and listeners to consider if we've really come a long way, baby.

With performances by: 

Ellen Wadey
Nina Corwin
Patricia McMillan
Matthias Regan and Amy Partridge
Allison Gruber and Kristine O'Sullivan
Sunny Byers
Gretchen Kalwinski
Kimberly Dixon
Erin Teegarden
Miki Howald
Randi Black
Cristina Correa

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