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Congrats to our 2014 Gatewood Prize Winner!

Switchback Books is thrilled to announce our 2014 Gatewood Prize winner, chosen by judge Dorothea Lasky:

But I Have Realized It by Crystal Curry

Crystal Curry is the author of But I Have Realized It: A Motivational Poem in Little Arcs, winner of the 2014 Gatewood Prize, selected by Dorothea Lasky (Switchback Books, forthcoming 2016), Our Chrome Arms of Gymnasium, winner of the Slope Editions Book Prize, selected by Dara Wier (Slope Editions, 2010) and the chapbook Logotherapy Pant (Cosa Nostra Editions, 2008). Her poems, reviews and poetry articles have appeared widely in publications including The Volta, Coldfront, Octopus, Denver Quarterly, Action Yes and others. Curry holds an MFA from the University of Iowa, an Ed.M from the University of Illinois and is a contract instructional designer, as well as a contributing editor at Coldfront Magazine. She lives in Van Cortlandt Village, BX, NYC with her husband, poet/artist Nico Vassilakis, their children and a little Boston terrier named Timaxzienie.

Thanks to everyone who submitted manuscripts to our contest. We are continuously thrilled by the high-quality material we get year after year.

Congratulations also to our finalists and semifinalists, chosen by our editors:


Phrasebook for the Unrequited Country by R.S. Armstrong

The Riots by Leora Fridman

The Jennifer Disease by Maia Elgin

The Ideal World by Elsbeth Pancrazi

Orbit Engine by Kit Frick

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