New: A Table That Goes on for Miles by Stefania Heim + an interview with Jane Carr in the new Brooklyn Quarterly

March 20, 2014


Switchback Books is thrilled to announce the publication of A Table That Goes On for Miles, the first book of poetry from Stefania Heim and winner of the 2012 Gatewood Prize, selected by competition judge Brenda Shaughnessy. z

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Read an interview with Jane Carr in the new Brooklyn Quarterly

From A Table That Goes On for Miles


Because of the hills, we feel

lonely, because the river smells

closer than it is.


The country is only one language.

We say comfort and mean

that though there are more stars here

than we can imagine,

there is still one small, cream room.

It is small enough.

This is one kind of writing:

At the base of every hill

I imagine there is water.


But the water is farther off.

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