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Manifest Reviewed at Horseless Press

"I’ve been thinking about your title poem, 'Manifest,' and how this word functions conceptually in this collection. When something manifests, it is proven, it makes itself clear, it is evident. Yet, psychologically speaking, it’s kind of the tip of the iceberg-that little bit of the unconscious mind that lets itself poke through. It fights against our need to repress, to keep in darkness-manifest versus latent content of the dreams that seem to elude you. In this poem, 'Looking is a moss that needs space.' In my own work, I’m preoccupied with the gaze, the looked-atness of things, what is imposed and what we impose as the looker and the lookee. Subject-object relationships. I’m in love with this quote. I hope to use it as an epigraph some day. There is so much said and unsaid in this collection. So much burrowed. So much ghosted."

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