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Staff Profile: Danielle Carlson

1. What do you do for Switchback? I am the Gatekeeper. Which means it's my job to make sure everything we say and do is on message and reflects our opinions and beliefs as a feminist press. I also do some PR, marketing, copywriting, and general think-tanking. I guess my real title is Communications Coordinator, but Gatekeeper sounds way cooler. 2. What do you feel like you get out of working for Switchback? Switchback gives me a space to put my problem solving and writing skills to use to benefit one of my favorite things in the world: smart, talented women. I am also surrounded by a staff of smart, talented women, who inspire me and I learn from at every meeting and during every project. It's an amazing feeling to know you are doing meaningful work with people you believe in and respect. It's also incredible to work so closely with James Franco. 3. Where are you from, and how important is where you’re from to you? I'm from Southern California. It's important to me mostly because it's a striking contrast to so much of the rest of the country, that it makes me realize how different everyone's upbringing is. It has also taught me how often people make assumptions about you based on where you are from. 4. What are five of your favorite non-poetry-related things? Soy sauce, laying around in bed, black tea, searching

out amazing food while traveling, watching dogs run around at the dog beach 5. If you had a time machine good for one round trip, where/when would you take it? I would take my time machine back to 9th grade and tell myself the good news: you're gay! If I had known then, what I know now, I probably would have made some different decisions. However, I would never trade where I am now for anything, so maybe it's best time machines don't exist...yet. 6. What will be the title of your memoir? The Life and Times of a Heart-Shaped Uterus

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