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Staff Profile: Mercy Van Marter

1. What do you do for Switchback? I organize fun things for people to do and come up with ideas to thank the people who give us donations and ways to impress upon people how very much we need/value their support. 2. What do you feel like you get out of working for Switchback? I believe poetry is important to society and that the voices of women are important. I’m less concerned with what I get out of working for Switchback than I am hoping that, through that work, what everyone can get out of amplifying women’s voices will become infinitely clear. 3. Where are you from, and how important is where you’re from to you? I grew up in Southern California. But I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Even though I don’t remember living there I still feel as though being from that particular part of the world is somehow a very important part of my identity. 4. What are five of your favorite non-poetry-related things? Hops, barley, wheat, water, and yeast. (I'll tell ya all about it at our next fundraising event) 5. If you had a time machine good for one round trip, where/when would you take it? I take time machines very seriously, and my first concern would be that if it’s good for only one trip then it’s not yet been tested. Therefore the likelihood of it bringing me to the time and place I want to get to—let alone back again—is marginal at best. At best I end up accidentally seducing my mother and she never gives birth to me and I cease to exist, worst case scenario I lose all my friends and family in an attempt to manipulate the stock market, left with nothing but a dead body to hide and a bleeding ear. 6. What will be the title of your memoir? If I take that time machine ride it would probably end up being Bleeding Ear.

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