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Four Ways We're Celebrating the Cruelest Month

For some people, it's National Poetry Month, NaPoWriMo, or even NaPoReMo. At Switchback, we're celebrating the cruelest month with a few exciting local events and one national event:

Poet and 2013 Gatewood Prize judge Eileen Myles

Now through June 1st

Gatewood Prize


Give us something good to read! Our editors read every manuscript that’s submitted to the Gatewood Prize and we want nothing more than to greet each morning with a new crop of daring, lovely, and downright exciting manuscripts. Won’t you send us something? This year's judge is the AMAZING and TALENTED Eileen Myles!!

April 12, 7:30pm

(presented by our friends at Chicago Writers House & Curbside Splendor)

Uptown Lounge, Chicago, IL

Local publishers gather for a public reading of the work they publish. We’re joining a great group of presses to read some of our favorite poems from the Switchback Books catalog.

April 14, 1:30pm–6:30pm

(presented by our friends at Chicago Writers House & Curbside Splendor)

Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL

Books, booze, and live music. We join 40 of the finest independent presses and booksellers from Chicago and elsewhere to hock our goods to the community. RSVP for free entry.

Switchback Books at the last Karaoke Idol in August, 2012.

April 25

Beauty Bar, Chicago, IL

This competition pits local nonprofits against each other to compete in an epic karaoke contest to raise funds for their organizations. The last time we competed, we thrilled audiences with our melodic crooning and choreographed dances. This time we’re bringing the serious beats, tutus, “feminist poet” wifebeaters, and killer moves in full force.

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