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Swan Songs: A Photo-ish Essay

Hi everyone, It's been an interesting month or so over here at Team Switchback! First, we had a stellar trip to D.C. for the AWP conference, where we—among other things—had a fantastic off-site reading with some of our besties: Horse Less Press and Coconut Books. Jennifer Tamayo was one of the Switchback readers:

This is what Jennifer's book will be like:

Next, we reached our FIVE-YEAR anniversary... Five. Years. This is what five years is like:

This is also what five years is like:

And now, on a slightly differently note, I'd like to announce my resignation from my position as Editor-in-Chief. It looks like this:

But really it's more like this:

And this:

And, finally, this:

My resignation comes only from my own desire to focus on other endeavors. I am forever, forever grateful for every experience I have had working with these talented, exceptional women. Possibly the best women!!! And do not worry ~ these very same women will continue to publish and promote poetry in the way only they can. I'm also sticking around as a member of the Board, to try and develop it into a resource that will keep Switchback going for years to come.

Much love,


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