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VIDA on The Count and Gender in Publishing

Hopefully by now you're aware of the important conversations going on over at the VIDA site, but if you're not, here are two to get you started. What We Talk About When We Talk About 'The Count' "The issue is, frankly, that publishing, reviews of one’s work, as well as awards, all help to further a writer’s “career.” This means, simply, that one is granted, via such recognition, the following: JOBS (more money + health insurance = greater health = more time to write); GRANTS (more time to write); RESIDENCIES (more time to write); MONEY (more time to write) . . . in other words, all these things clearly provide a means by which an author can focus more on his or her craft and thereby more fully recognize / realize / accomplish his or her vision. This is why I believe the numbers are important. It’s not that they impact / influence one’s ability to write, but rather that they determine who gets TIME to write."--Cate Marvin 'On Gender and Publishing': A Panel Moderated by Carmen Giménez Smith (featuring Tracy Bowling, Jane Ciabratti, Danielle Dutton, *Becca Klaver*, Elizabeth McCracken, Don Share, Stephanie G’Schwind, and Maria Melendez) ENJOY!

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