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Simone Muench in The Believer

Many congrats to Switchback Advisory Board member Simone Muench for making the cover of the September issue (Issue 74) of The Believer! Daniel Handler interviews Simone on her ardent love of horror movies: "[Horror] provides a transgressive space for women—we get so caught off guard by horror's frequent showcase of tits and ass, where there exists run-of-the-mill misogyny—what I refer to as Hustler Horror—that we often miss the ways in which horror films create a space for women to have agency." Also of note: The issue features a poem by the wonderful Yusef Komunyakaa and a review of Anne Carson's new Nox. **Featured on the cover with Simone are Wallace Shawn, Weird Al Yankovic, and Robin Nagle. RAD. **

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