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James Reiss reviews Simone Muench's Orange Crush

...Over at Gently Read Literature: Without constructing sequential plots, she deals with women’s lack of liberation and some of its awful particulars. Condensing what could be the early slave years of Sojourner Truth, in a poem about a young girl’s suicide titled “You Were Long Days and I Was Tiger-Lined,” Muench initially lashes the reader: “master wear a mask when you break out the leather.” No need to explain the link between whipping and being “tiger-lined”; Muench’s work suggests a woodshed of lost connections in a single image. Check it out here: ***Just noticed that Reiss also "reviews" the author photo at the end of the review... gross! Aren't we past this yet??? He describes "an attractive woman with horn-rimmed eyeglasses and a terrific smile." And while that may be true, um, really? NOT OK.***

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