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Marisa Crawford's THE HAUNTED HOUSE Officially Released!

If you're in Denver at AWP right now, make sure you head on over to the Switchback Books table to pick up a glossy new copy of THE HAUNTED HOUSE, by 2009 Gatewood Prize winner Marisa Crawford. What's inside? Poems that "take us from room to room, trunk to trunk, closet to closet, where girls keep boxes of photographs and cigarettes and secrets" writes Denise Duhamel, who judged the 2009 Gatewood Prize and selected The Haunted House for publication. "The Haunted House is like a locker-room exposè of a certain strain of American female adolescence," writes Arielle Greenberg, "and [Crawford's poetry] is the unholy and inevitable spawn of Emily Dickinson and Judy Blume." Read LJ Moore's review of The Haunted House in the San Francisco Examiner for a good look inside the "worm-hole into a former reality, that 'weird winter when we were obsessed with keeping caterpillars as pets,' and costume-jewelry voodoo out of which girls assemble a self-identity." If you're like me and sadly not in Denver, and therefore unable to drop a copy of The Haunted House into your AWP 2010 tote, you can order yours from the Switchback website (best!!!) or on Amazon. Either way, don't miss out!

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