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Submit to Chicago anthology for self-identified women writers

February 27, 2010

Partner Dance Press invites self-identified women writers, composers, performers and text-based artists under 40 currently living in Chicago to submit work for consideration in a new online text-based anthology. 

Writing about the breadth of the city – from South Chicago to Albany Park, Austin to the lip of the lake – and life in the 21st century, the anthology focuses on the written word as foundation, regardless of whether its original context plays out on the page, the stage, cyberspace or another format. The project will bring together various forms of creative textual production, joining the stuff of a traditional written anthology with sound and performance and constructing new modes of mapping spatiality in the city.

The work must be text-based and tell a story, and need not explicitly speak about Chicago; it may be, but is not limited to:
literary writing
sound installations or pieces
graphic fiction
dramatic text
film or scripts

The 21 texts will be selected based on overall quality, as well as their ability to use text-based work to represent the diversity of the urban space. Submissions will be especially welcomed from artists from communities that have been historically underrepresented in the oeuvre of the city.

Submissions: Previously unpublished work by women under 40 currently living in Chicago should be submitted in full with a very brief cover letter, including contact information.

Submit work to: 21.21.chicago@gmail.com 

or via snail mail to: 
Partner Dance Press
4346 S Lake Park Ave.
Chicago, IL 60653

Deadline: June 15, 2010

Contact editors Megan Bayles and Achy Obejas at partnerdancepress@gmail.com with any questions.

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