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Brandi Homan's second book "Bobcat Country" now available!!!

Brandi Homan's Bobcat Country is the unholy love child of Lynda Barry and Ween. Fabulously honest, surprising, and hilarious, these poems are a TGIFriday's extravaganza of retarded American enthusiasm, deftly rendered. Homan loves the "Fuck yeaaaah!"s our culture hoots just before it drives its rental car off a cliff. Her details are so spot on, their mere presence relieves us of the need for contrived, "poetic" resolutions. That's what makes the poems true—there are no easy answers in them. They make me proud to be a woman, and yet, simultaneously, wanna sincerely rock out in a parking lot to rape rock.—Jennifer L. Knox Support small presses and get a copy HERE!

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