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Stain of Poetry featuring Switchback's Jessica Bozek among others

If you live in, on, near, or around New York come see Jessica Bozek among many other talented poets for Stain of Poetry Reading Series hosted by Ana Božičević and Amy King. March 26: Jessica Bozek, Kate Braid, Melissa Broder, Jackie Clark, Cate Marvin, Brett Eugene Ralph Reading will take place at Goodbye Blue Monday in Brooklyn. An art and music space, library, bar, sculpture garden & magic cave, Goodbye Blue Monday is at 1087 Broadway in Bushwick. "At each reading, you will hear a range of poetries and reading styles, as well as meet poets and appreciators, many who have traveled from the four corners. Please pass the word and invite your friends – we hope to see you at each month’s end, ready to share a word or two and a glass of something fresh!"

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