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Help your local Book Cellar!

Hi all, If you're local, I'm sure you are familiar with The Book Cellar, an independent bookstore and cafe in Lincoln Square. In addition to believing the general notion that we as writers should support all indie stores, we'd like to show our support for this store in particular—it employs two local writers we at Switchback know and love. We recently received the email below from one of the employees, and thought we'd pass it on if you'd like to help! It only takes a few seconds. Even Les Claypool (pictured here) goes to The Book Cellar! Here's the email, and thanks for your support! A Lincoln Square resident has nominated The Book Cellar to win $100 thousand in a contest called Shine a Light. The contest aims to highlight and help support an inspiring small business. It's sponsored by American Express and NBC Universal. (Good thing Suzy accepts American Express at the store!) The Book Cellar was well on its way to make money (as all businesses should!) by its 5th anniversary, but then the economy took its well-known turn for the worse. We're hanging in; it's a good thing we serve wine because liquor sales are up! But the store's business plan was definitely thrown off track. The Book Cellar's nomination needs at least 50 "endorsements" before it can move on to the next round of the competition. If you'd like to "endorse" The Book Cellar, keep reading. If not, thanks for getting this far. To learn about Shine a Light, visit the link: You can check out all of the competition's nominees, or you can go directly to The Book Cellar's nomination profile. On the profile page, there's a blue box at the left that reads "Support This Story, Endorse Now." Select that box. If you don't have an iVillage account, you'll have to create one. (My apologies.) If you do have an iVillage account, you'll need to login. After you've selected this blue box, the website will prompt you to either register or login. After you've registered or logged on, select the blue box again. It will tell you that your endorsement has been recorded. Thanks again!

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