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Dear B*tch Supporters,

This fall, we asked for your help and you told us overwhelmingly that B*tch was a worthy investment. In four weeks we received $74,000 in gifts from loyal readers like you. Without your generous support, we would not be here today.

And thanks to you, we are moving forward with renewed purpose and inspiration. As we look to the future, we see clearly that you, our supporters, are the key to sustaining B*tch - the key to us not just surviving but thriving. Because B*tch is nonprofit, noncommercial media, your contributions are what allow us to create content that meets YOUR needs - smart, uncompromising feminist cultural critique.

That's why we're asking you to support our work by joining the B-Hive, our sustaining membership program. By contributing a gift of $5 or more monthly - not even the cost of a movie ticket - you will help shape our future by allowing us to budget and plan more efficiently. It's easy to sign up - simply visit our secure online giving site.

To show our appreciation, we'll send you a free subscription (or renew your existing one).

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