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Sharkforum Poem of the Week: "Niagara Falls: Scrapbook Three" by Kathleen Rooney posted by

Sharkforum: "Our contention is quite plain - it's better to be criticized for your stated positions than to be misinterpreted and ridiculed based on the assumptions of others. Our editors aren't told what to write, and they aren't censored when they choose to voice an unpopular view. What we're saying is this - interesting dialog comes from contrast. No one is as smart as everyone. SHARKFORUM is the brain child of Wesley Kimler." Poem of the Week: Kathleen Rooney's "Niagara Falls: Scrapbook Three" Kathleen Rooney is the author of Reading with Oprah: the Book Club That Changed America(University of Arkansas, 2005) and a founding editor of Rose Metal Press. Her collaborative chapbook Something Really Wonderful, co-written with Elisa Gabbert, is available from dancing girl press, and their full-length collection That Tiny Insane Voluptuousness is available from Otoliths Books. Oneiromance (an epithalamion) is her first single-author collection of poetry, (Switchback Press, 2008).

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