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Isn't it Oneiromantic?

The release party's over, but the buzz is just beginning. Switchback Books is proud to officially announce the release of Kathleen Rooney's Oneiromance (an epithalamion),winner of Switchback Books' Gatewood Prize, selected by Patty Seyburn.

What can you expect? The setting is Brazil...& Illinois. Dreamscapes & The American Legion Hall. Sister brides & searching grooms. Part creepy, part celebratory, you will want to attend this double wedding. Here's a page from the guestbook:

The romance persists between the narrator and the beloved—and crucially, between the author and language's opportunities to address the nuances and edges of commitment deemed inexplicable. ---Patty Seyburn.

Oneiromance puts the overt back in verse. Extravagant in sweep and pathos, the beauty of these poems soars like a wedding cake for astronauts. ---Bill Knott

I'm thrilled by a sensibility so acerbic, funny, sad, sardonic, insouciant, salty, and bittersweet, by poems so rich with slippage, misgiving, loss, and wit. Rooney's work is animated by a dexterous, inventive intelligence and a fearless imagination[.] ---Alice Fulton

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