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Norwood Crossing

On Monday, July 14, Switchback Book poetesses Hanna, Daniela, Jess, Bibi, Helen & Rachel hosted a poetry workshop at Norwood Crossing, an assisted living and nursing home care facility on the far Northwest side of Chicago, in Norwood Park.

Using Joe Brainard's I Remember poems as a template, it was our hope that the anaphoric exercise would prompt and celebrate personal history,

memory, and lived experience for those participating.

We were honored to work with an amazing group of women: Eleanor, Pat, Violet, Lavina, Joan and Connie-- who drew from wide and varied personal narratives to write and share incredible I Remember poems. Their memories detailed immigration, tradition, poverty, young love, death, childhood, assimilation, marriage, friendships, language, and family. It was empowering, for all involved, to share in this unique rendering of women's experiences.

Thanks to Bibi for taking pictures! And special thanks to Ryan and Molly, Norwood Crossing staff members who helped plan and facilitate this event.

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