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Shad(ow)y Ladies!

For those of you in the Chicago area, hip lit mag/broadsheet quarterly THE2NDHAND is having its release party tomorrow night at Ronny's. The theme of the night is a twist on weddings, and one of the featured performers is none other than Jill Summers, who, with her sister Susie Kirkwood will be debuting a new shadow puppet story show--HOTEL--, which she describes as a Victorian ghost story! Woooo! Here are the details: THE2NDHAND No. 28 release party -- it's a wedding! Thursday, June 26, 8 PM, $6@ Ronny's, 2103 N. California Hosted by C.T. Ballentine & featuring: Lauren Pretnar, Chris Bower, Jill Summers & Susie Kirkwood, Fred Sasaki & Jacob Knabb, Kyle Beachy and the music of the Spectacles. If you don't know about Jill Summers, you should. She's a writer of fiction and audio shorts and one half of a shadow puppeteer sister act, among other talents! If you can't make the THE2NDHAND shindig, check out her website for more information, and to read/listen to some of her work. And THEN, check her out live and in person at the Switchback Books release party for Kathleen Rooney and Brandi Homan this October at the Hideout...


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