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Poetry Cavalcade!

Hello Loves! Please coddle and nurture me because this is my first posting to the Switchback Blog, and regardless of my general overage of wordiness in colloquial speech (or even better, via txt msging!), I feel slightly timid putting anything up here because I admittedly do not keep up with any art or trend via the internet (aside from checking a ton of horoscope pages, daily).

Nevertheless. I am posting to invite you (yes, YOU, ms/r/rs ADORABLE!) to a poetry extravaganza which will be happening Saturday, August 9th at the Mercury Cafe (1505 W. Chicago Avenue). This reading will feature myself (jen N.W.), as well as MANY other renowned local writers (the famed Thax Douglas of Chicago music scenesterdom!), and potentially some of our other beloved Switchback ladies. I will post an addendum to this post when I receive the final "billing" for the evening, but for now, mark down the date and get pumped for the Leo sun to shine down on us poets & poetfriends (fiends?) as we suit up to shoot word darts at the target of our ears' hearts!



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