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Happy Holidays + Many Thanks

Here's hoping everyone is having a terrific holiday season, celebrating with loved ones! Because it is the year's end, there are many, many people that we at Switchback would like to thank for all their hard work, support, and enthusiasm about our project. We hope you understand how much you mean to us! Here are a few folks that I, personally, would like to thank. For everything: Hanna Andrews, Becca Klaver, Kristin Aardsma, Cathy Nieciecki, Angie Homan, Daniela Olszweska, Mónica de la Torre, Caroline Noble Whitbeck, Peggy Munson, Beth Sampson, Jen Watman, Rachel Finkelstein, Melissa Severin, Addie Palin, Kristy Bowen, Jose Gonzalez, Joan Larkin, Arielle Greenberg, Simone Muench, David Trinidad, Zach Dodson, Jonathan Messinger, Kathleen Rooney, Denise Duhamel, Patty Seyburn, Steve Schroeder, Carol Muske-Dukes, Jen Steele, Erica Adams, Jess Rose, and Meredith Clark. You are much appreciated! Happy Holidays, and xoxo, Brandi

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