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OMG it's OCH!

We're thrilled to announce that Our Classical Heritage: A Homing Device by Caroline Noble Whitbeck is now available. Get your hands on this powerhouse via Switchback's website, through SPD, or at Amazon. C.D. Wright's a fan: Opening with benisons infused with invective, Caroline Whitbeck's debut book reveals the armature of a classicist and the musculature of a crunk artist. The tone is forever-young exuberant; the vocabulary crosses every threshold, yet they are but understory to a flaming canopy. So, "strap a beefsteak to that, throw a / trainwreck. Hands / down where the money is these / days." As is Jen Tynes: The white breaks and silences are just as captivating and curious as the word-thirsty explosions in these poems; both are the buzz rising from an underground something: part sarcophagus (flesh eater? flesh keeper?), part dynamic new kind of wiring. Get your hands on your copy of Our Classical Heritage: A Homing Device, the winner of the 2006 Gatewood Prize as selected by Arielle Greenberg, now!

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