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Contest Deadline One Week Away!

THE GATEWOOD PRIZE Postmark Deadline: October 1, 2006 Judge: Arielle Greenberg The Gatewood Prize is Switchback Books' annual competition for a first full-length collection of poems by a woman between the ages of 18 and 39 writing in English. Switchback Books editors will select at least 10 finalists and a judge will select the prizewinner, who will be recognized with a cash prize of $1000 and publication by Switchback Books. Manuscripts remain anonymous until a winner is selected. An entry fee of $20 must accompany each submission; make check payable to Switchback Books. Fee and SASE entitles entrant to a copy of the winning book. Mail manuscript with two cover pages (one with author name, one without) for anonymity and entry fee to: The Gatewood Prize Switchback Books PO Box 478868 Chicago, IL 60647 Visit our website for complete guidelines and for more about our press. Looking forward to reading your manuscripts!

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