March 29, 2013

Amanda Marcotte laments our inability to discuss the abuse of women as freely and directly as we can the abuse of cats.


Alexandra at Feministing offers Eight Edgy Post-Feminist Pitches for the Traffic-Hungry Editor.


Sarah McCarry discusses Erica Lorraine Scheidt's Uses for Boys, the rush to slut-shame a fictional character, and the effect that has on real women.


Delirious Hem posts the fifth installment of the Women Publishers Roundtable (featuring editors from Switchback Books, dancing girl press, Birds of Lace, Patasola, Sundress, & Noctuary Press).


Skepchick Heina laments the Blinding Whiteness of Feminism.


Sociological Images looks back at the age of the flapper.


Emma Kat Richardson at Femthreads adores Anne Boleyn, and would like to tell you why.


Lindy West at Jezebel tells the truth about misandry.

March 27, 2013

This has been difficult.

I volunteered to write the first editorial post for Switchback’s re-launched blog months ago, not thinking about the PRESSURE. Not thinking about the WEIGHT. I have opinions, especially when it comes to women’s writing. I think some things and speak of those things often. Where, I wonder, are those things now? Now that I stare at this screen, this pulsing cursor? I am my own hand across my mouth. I’m stitching my own lips.


Much has been said about the VIDA statistics. Important and big things. As a writer myself, as the managing editor of Switchback, as a reader and lover of literature I am aware and I am riled up. I read reviews of women’s writing and I’m nauseated by the way some women, the writers themselves, are picked at and pathologized and verbally stoned for being audacious, for being young or old or intense or flippant. I have things to say. I should have more to say. And yet here is the cursor, blinking and pulsing with so little behind it, with n...

March 25, 2013

1. What do you do for Switchback?

I am Switchback’s Editorial Intern. What do I do? Anything I’m asked to do! And hopefully I get it done as close to deadline as possible. My proudest moment has been pitching a quasi-marketing plan for our rebranding. My lowest moment was selling one book at AWP.

2. What do you feel like you get out of working for Switchback?

I adore my work with Switchback. What I get most out of working for Switchback is how the editorial staff and members of the board have mentored me. The women I work alongside are all role models to me. I could go on to list the times one of them said a thing or did a thing that shifted my worldview or sense of self but there is a sacred muchness to what appears to be typical impressionable intern stuff. Like my boss, Whitney Holmes came to my poetry reading series last summer. I was floored she showed up and she treated it like no big thing. What I get out of working for Switchback is I matter, my work matters.

In a similar way, wha...

March 22, 2013

Welcome to the new Switchback blog! Starting next week, we're relaunching in a big way. Original content every week, including interviews with our authors, staff profiles, opinions from our always-opinionated editors, and more. If you're a Switchback fan, a feminist poet, a poetic feminist, or just a curious party, watch this space!

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