February 15, 2010



they thought the field was wasting

and so they gathered the marker rocks and stones and

piled them into a barn they say that the rocks were shaped

some of them scratched with triangles and other forms they

must have been trying to invent some new language they say

the rocks went to build that wall there guarding the manor and

some few were used for the state house

crops refused to grow

i say the stones marked an old tongue and it was called eternity

and pointed toward the river i say that after that collection

no pillow in the big house dreamed i say that somewhere under

here moulders one called alice whose great grandson is old now

too and refuses to talk about slavery i say that at the

masters table only one plate is set for supper i say no seed

can flourish on this ground once planted then forsaken wild

berries warm a field of bones

bloom how you must i say

February 10, 2010

Switchback poet Jessica Bozek has work featured in Dusie 9. Check it out here:


And while you're there check out SB friends Mackenzie Carignan, Juliet Cook, Jen Karmin, Carmen Gimenez Smith, and Amy King!

February 8, 2010

Delirious Hem presented their second "This is What a Feminist Poet Looks Like" forum this week featuring:
Monday February 1: Ching-In Chen, Jennifer Bartlett, & Kate Durbin
Tuesday February 2: Juliet Cook & Kate Schapira
Wednesday February 3: Kirsten Kaschock & Michele BattisteThursday February 4: Michelle Detorie & Stephanie Strickland

Friday February 5: T.A. Noonan & Theodora Danylevich
Saturday February 6: Amy King & Kirsten Kaschock 2

Check it out at http://delirioushem.blogspot.com/.

February 5, 2010

Over at the Tarpaulin Sky review site, Natalie Lyalin has this to say of Jessica Bozek's first collection, The Bodyfeel Lexicon (Switchback, 2009):

In Lexicon, language is used to create a bridge, as a plan for preservation, and as always, a way to communicate. In the end, Szklar and Wolf’s work amounts to an insistence on a textual survival—they were alive, they had thoughts, and they communicated. These documents and letters are evidence to this. Jessica Bozek’s writing pushes the reader around, turns its back, says weird things, and shocks with startlingly beautiful images.

Order the book here!

February 3, 2010

Switchback advisor Simone Muench's lastest work is now available!

The new book from Sarabande Books is graced with a painting by Yves Tanguy, and has already garnered praise from the likes of Yusef Komunyakaa: "Though Simone Muench's Orange Crush is riveted with poignant moments of history, each poem revels in a contemporary passion that holds the reader in an abiding now. I believe and trust each highly tuned moment, every little, intrinsic turn. This poet's music is unique and personal, but it's also public; words collide softly to create a sound of feeling that registers in the body and mind. Orange Crush celebrates everydayness, while always moving toward the revelatory."

You can read poems from it here http://www.sarabandebooks.org/?page_id=2347 and here http://www.simonemuench.com/orangecrush.htm

You can also order it at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/Orange-Crush-Poems-Simone-Muench/dp/1932511792/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1247001706&sr=1-5...

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