February 28, 2010

Utah just became the first state in the U.S. to criminalize miscarriage and punish women for having or seeking an illegal abortion. Utah's "Criminal Miscarriage" law:

expands the definition of illegal abortion to include miscarriages removes immunity protections for women who have or seek illegal abortions assumes women are "guilty of criminal homicide of an unborn child" if a pregnancy ends after "intentional, knowing, or reckless" behavior.

February 27, 2010

Switchback's 4-year anniversary is today!

I've really started to think that Switchback time works like dog years... How has so much happened in only four years??!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us, in any way, shape, or form. We'd like to thank the following folks by name, here in random order:

- All of our respective families!
- The Switchback poets: Marisa Crawford, Jessica Bozek, Kathleen Rooney, Peggy Munson, Caroline Noble Whitbeck, and Mónica de la Torre
- All of our current staff members: Whitney Holmes, Dolly Lemke, Megan McMullen, Jen Cullerton Johnson, Liz Hildreth, and Sarah Carson
- Cathy Nieciecki
- Erika Snell
- Melissa Severin
- Kristin Aardsma

- Daniela Olszewska
- David Trinidad
- Arielle Greenberg
- Simone Muench
- Tony Trigilio
- Crystal Williams
- Joan Larkin
- Andy Trebing
- Andrew Koszewski
- Carol Muske-Dukes
- Patty Seyburn
- Denise Duhamel
- Erik Mace
- Stevie Curl
- Mairead Case
- Jess Rose
- Rachel Finkelstein
- Jen Watman
- Elizabeth Metzger Samps...

February 27, 2010

Partner Dance Press invites self-identified women writers, composers, performers and text-based artists under 40 currently living in Chicago to submit work for consideration in a new online text-based anthology. 

Writing about the breadth of the city – from South Chicago to Albany Park, Austin to the lip of the lake – and life in the 21st century, the anthology focuses on the written word as foundation, regardless of whether its original context plays out on the page, the stage, cyberspace or another format. The project will bring together various forms of creative textual production, joining the stuff of a traditional written anthology with sound and performance and constructing new modes of mapping spatiality in the city.

The work must be text-based and tell a story, and need not explicitly speak about Chicago; it may be, but is not limited to:
literary writing
sound installations or pieces
graphic fiction
dramatic text

February 27, 2010

When We Were Zero

Brandi, Becca, and Hanna meet in the Columbia College Chicago MFA program....

When We Were One

Mónica de la Torre hits Chicago by (snow)storm in February 2007; Talk Shows hits the world! (Hi, Kristin!)

When We Were Two

At AWP NYC 2008, the amazing feat of getting Mónica de la Torre, Caroline Noble Whitbeck, Kathleen Rooney--as well as a bunch of Switchback staffers--all together in one room was achieved at 11th Street Bar! Peggy Munson video'd herself in, too. L to R: Mónica, Hanna, Brandi, Caroline, Daniela, Kathleen, Beth, Jess, Becca.

One of those "best nights ever," Hanna's birthday, L&L Tavern, March 2008. Hi, Melissa!

When We Were Three

Hanna moves to Brooklyn, then Becca moves to Brooklyn, but our hearts remain in Chitown, where Megan and new staffers help us file our 501c3 paperwork and everyone big-dreams of Switchback 4evah!

Now We're Four

Come help us celebrate our big-girl bed, err, office, at the housewarming and book release pa...

February 26, 2010

The New York Times reports today that France's National Assembly approved a proposal that would make psychological violence a punishable crime. The article addresses varying opinions about whether or not the crime can be proven, citing the vague definition of the behavior as the proposed law is currently written. Sure, it's vague, because it's a difficult thing to articulate. Yes, it's definitely going to be hard to prosecute, but at least it's bringing attention to a serious issue, and hopefully is a step toward making victims safer...

Of course, the first time I heard about this in January, it was far from serious. My beloved liberal media made fun of the proposal—albeit on a comedy show. But still. NPR's Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me really got this all wrong, referring to the proposal as a law against nagging and an example of government "intruding on the lives of its citizenry." Listen to the bit here.

February 25, 2010

A week from this Saturday, you'll be able to check out work by some of the artists who make up the Fulton Street Collective at the Switchback Housewarming Salon.

For now, check out their work here:

Karen Parisian

Patrick Morrissey

Catherine Jasek

**Artwork featured in this post is The Gathering by Karen Parisian.**

February 24, 2010

Elizabeth Hildreth, development specialist for Switchback, recently applied for a grant for poet Anna Aguilar-Amat to attend AWP in Denver this year, and the Institute Ramon Llull approved it. The Institute offers various grants for translations and travel to promote Catalan literature.

Anna Aguilar-Amat was recently awarded three prizes for Catalan poetry: the Jocs Florals of the city of Barcelona for Petrolier i teatre; the Carles Riba award for Transit between two flights (Trànsit entre dos vols); and the Màrius Torres award for Music and Scurvy. She has also published with Francesc Parcerisas the book of poems Little things (Coses Petites), with designs by Miquel Plana, and the book of essays The Pleasure of Reading (El plaer de la lectura). Her fourth book of poems is The Goose Games. She is also president of QUARKpoesia (Aula de Poesia de la Universitat Autònoma) with the aim to promote poetry translation of less translated languages. In 2006 she started the poetry imprint...

February 23, 2010

Switchback's Publicity Coordinator Dolly Lemke was recently profiled in Columbia College's Student Loop. Check it out at the link below (and note the incredibly cool slideshow in which Dolly appears holding several SB publications.) Way to go, Dolly!


February 22, 2010

Switchback Founding Editor Becca Klaver's first book, LA Liminal, will be available MARCH 13 from Kore Press!

If you're in Arizona, come hear Becca read from LA Liminal and help her celebrate!

Tucson Festival of Books
Tucson, AZ.
Sunday, March 14, 2010.
11:30 a.m.
U of Arizona main student union.
Sponsored by the U of A Poetry Center.

February 21, 2010

The Window

Streak of world blurred charcoal & scarlet, the El slows, 
brakes near the platform, Little Chinatown, 
& there’s that window, peeling frame, screen split

to rippling raingusts. A curtain breathes
through busted glass, a glimpse of hallway
enameled green, rows of numbered doors, nothing more,

and then the train lurches forward sparkling 
its electric signature above slick, hissing rails. 
Soon, soon, I’ll stop there, the window’s pull

irresistible as the force of a star collapsed
to black gravity. I’ll step through the window, 
take up again the key for the one room to which

I keep returning. Let me wait again there by the sill
as I wait still. Here’s the steeple of the burnt church, 
beloved of vandals, the sooty block of

old law tenements where chipped tubs rise
porcelain on their feet in coldwater kitchens, 
unashamed, small gray animals, the startled

array of insects we lived with.
Where are you? In the hallways, bodies passing
smell like bodies, unwash...

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