January 15, 2010

is like candy for grown ups with: 


FRED MOTEN ’s most recent books are Hughson’s Tavern and the forthcoming B Jenkins. He lives in Durham, North Carolina.

MÓNICA DE LA TORRE is the author of the poetry books Talk Shows, Acúfenos, and Public Do-main. She is co-author of the artist book Appendices, Illustrations & Notes. She is a translator and senior editor at BOMB Magazine and a 2009 NYFA fellow in poetry.

Saturday, January 16th
4-6 PM
at The Bowery Poetry Club
308 Bowery, just north of Houston 
New York, NY
$6 admission goes to readers

January 15, 2010

Very excited to announce that as of yesterday, Switchback has become an official member of the Fulton Street Collective!

Having a room of our own is a dream come true, and we'd like to thank FSC founders Joe Lanasaand Anna Fermin for making a space like this available to artists and Chris McLaughlin for arranging our membership.

We'll be having a HOUSEWARMING SALON relatively soon (March 6, mark your calendars!) to celebrate not only our new digs, but also new poetry book releases by Switchback Ad Board Member Simone Muench as well as our friends Lina Ramona Vitkauskas and Carlo Matos.

Here's some pix. We'll be posting more as the space gets fixed up and lived in. Enjoy!

The building is the size of an actual city block:

Jen Cullerton Johnson, Megan McMullen, and me outside the building:

Our itty-bitty room wall, taken to try and show the high ceiling:

Our swanky event space, which includes an *elevated* DJ booth:

January 13, 2010

Perhaps one of the most lingering and ecstatic effects of reading The Haunted Houseis that it reminds the reader what it used to feel like to really spend time with people. So much of contemporary communication is rooted in trying to maintain sudden and constant contact with as many people as possible, to shout through phones across the country to one another in crowded elevators, to type something witty or wise or exasperated onto a white space and hit the enter key to broadcast “status”, to sing like a bird into space, awaiting echoes. Crawford, in poem after poem, recreates the intimate, curiosity-driven experience of becoming friends, and of becoming one’s own person. She dials you up on a pink land-line with a hologram sticker. Her language is simple and direct, unearthing the strange and necessary tactile details we are so deprived of in electronic clutter: Crawford's “plastic cherry perfume pours up the eaves and out the windows. She shows "how a blue rose glows.”

Read more (and...

January 7, 2010

DOLLY LEMKE, Switchback's Publicity Coordinator, has had her poem "I never went to that movie at 12:45" selected for publication in Best American Poetry 2010 by Amy Gerstler. The poem was originally published in Columbia Poetry Review 22


For those of you that don't know her, Dolly was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and is pursuing her MFA in Poetry at Columbia College Chicago.

If you'd like to check out some of her other work, you can read it in the Fall 2009 issue of Wicked Alice.

***But that's not all***

Another Switchback rock star, Elizabeth Hildreth, has published a highly entertaining interview with the one-and-only Amy King over at Bookslut!

Included are references to "Israeli autodidact art, being a bad sick person, insane secret Santas, Internet bullies, The Ugly Americans, Ron Padgett, and fighting the Good Fight."

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