July 31, 2008

2008 Ruth Lilly Fellowship Finalists

Britta Ameel
Kirsten Andersen
Hanna Andrews 
Sonya Arko
Nicky Beer
Emma Bolden
Jaime Brunton
T. Zachary Cotler
Olivia Cronk
Mischa Erickson
Corrine Fitzpatrick
Jennifer H. Fortin
Andrew Grace
Elizabeth Gramm
Nicholas Gulig
Lilah Hegnauer
Stefania Heim
Jaimee Hills
S. Whitney Holmes
Anna Journey
Amanda Katz
Joseph Kerschbaum
Bethany Tyler Lee
Jynne Dilling Martin
Kelly Matthews
Kristi Maxwell
Blueberry Elizabeth Morningsnow
Nathaniel Perry
Kiki Petrosino
Catherine Pierce
John Pursley III
Roger Reeves
Michael Rutherglen
Richard Scheiwe
Jason Schneiderman
Joseph Spece
Alison Stine
Jeannie Vanasco
Sara Verstynen
David Welch
Caki Wilkinson
Greg Wrenn
Brian Young
Amanda Zecca
Emily Zinnemann

July 28, 2008

Okay, attention local lovers...

Austin-based artist Jaclyn Pryor has brought her Pink studio to Chicago until August 15.

Basically, you make a trip to her love factory in Wicker Park (St. Paul's Cultural Center, 2215 W. North Avenue) and write a message to a loved one (there's even a...ready?... resident poet on hand if you desire help.) Then, the factory girls will bottle your message and deliver it, old-fashioned bike courier style, to your Chicago lover. OMG.

Read more about the Pink Studio in this post at apartmenttherapy.com chicago. Read more about Jaclyn at her site.

*Note: this is FREE!!!! Any donations are accepted & welcome.

**The Pink studio delivers to any home/office in the city (for example, 600 S. Michigan Ave at Harrison, 2nd floor....just saying.)

Quick Details:
July 25-August 15
St. Paul's Cultural Center
2215 W. North Avenue, Chicago
Wed-Sun 11am-10pm

* all images courtesy of Jaclyn Pryor

July 22, 2008

Brandi in a cab on the way back from picking up her first copy. Cab drivers have been known to profess their love to our EIC.


July 19, 2008

On Monday, July 14, Switchback Book poetesses Hanna, Daniela, Jess, Bibi, Helen & Rachel hosted a poetry workshop at Norwood Crossing, an assisted living and nursing home care facility on the far Northwest side of Chicago, in Norwood Park.

Using Joe Brainard's I Remember poems as a template, it was our hope that the anaphoric exercise would prompt and celebrate personal history,

memory, and lived experience for those participating.

We were honored to work with an amazing group of women: Eleanor, Pat, Violet, Lavina, Joan and Connie-- who drew from wide and varied personal narratives to write and share incredible I Remember poems. Their memories detailed immigration, tradition, poverty, young love, death, childhood, assimilation, marriage, friendships, language, and family. It was empowering, for all involved, to share in this unique rendering of women's experiences.

Thanks to Bibi for taking pictures! And special thanks to Ryan and Molly, Norwood Crossing staff members who helped plan and...

July 18, 2008

Also, if you're an awesome poet and happen to be of the pro-creating sort, check out this publishing opportunity!


A Special Issue of Women's Studies Quarterly

Call for Papers: MOTHER
Guest Editors: Nicole Cooley and Pamela Stone

We have entered a motherhood moment--from celebrity mom baby-bump sightings to recent televised debates between “stay at home moms” and “working moms,” from “welfare mothers” to “Alpha moms,” images of motherhood are circulating in our culture as never before.

Motherhood demands a new look. As women push motherhood later and later, as a larger share forego it entirely, and as mothering itself takes up a smaller fraction of women’s lives, why is the fascination with all things “mother” at an all-time high? What does it mean to be a mother when motherhood is increasingly decoupled from biology? At a time when women’s reproductive rights are vulnerable and the pro-choice movement on the defen...

July 18, 2008

HEY Ladies!!! So, word on the e-streets (and I don't mean the ones driven by "The Boss") is that this new journal and the corresponding blog by genius-ess Claire Donato is going to be uh-may-zing. "I Can't Be Your Girlfriend" is seeking work from women-identified poets for their first issue. Submission information/general poetry journal mantra info can be found on their website, which is linked below. Please check it out!

<3!!!jennw I Can't Be Your Girlfriend

July 15, 2008

Kathleen Rooney will be reading from her collaborations with Elisa Gabbert at The Book Cellar on July 24th at 7pm. Cheri Taylor, Gregg Shapiro and Kate Dougherty will also be joining her and reading their work.

July 14, 2008

Switchback Advisory Board member Arielle Greenberg in conversation with Danielle Pafunda about the Gurlesque, take 3:

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