Congrats, Liz! Best of the Web nom

New Switchbacker Elizabeth Hildreth recently had a poem nominated by No Tell Motel for Dzanc Books' Best of the Web anthology. Congratulations! Click here to see the other noms and read her work!

"Mad Girls’ Love Songs: Two Women Poets—a Professor and Graduate Student—Discuss Sylvia Plath,

If you have access to Project Muse, you can read the article on Sylvia Plath and teenage girls that Founding Editor Becca Klaver co-wrote with advisory board member Arielle Greenberg. If you don't have access and want to read it, email Becca at becca[at]switchbackbooks[dot]com. Congratulations Becca! So proud of you. Here's the abstract: The legacy of Sylvia Plath’s poetry and the received notion of the teenage girl writer wallowing in self-pity are discussed in terms of their significance to adolescent female readers and their ramifications for girlhood culture at large. Plath’s legacy endures in part because of the recognition that a fluctuation in moods and personas is often t

Welcome Whitney Holmes!

Switchback has found a new managing editor, Whitney Holmes! About Whitney: S. Whitney Holmes was born and raised in north-central West Virginia. She earned her M.F.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Alabama, where she was a Teaching Writing Fellow and served as Poetry Editor for Black Warrior Review. Her recent poems appear in Third Coast, Ninth Letter, and Gulf Coast. So happy to have you on Team Switchback, Whitney!

Take Back The (Network TV) Night

The New York Times' Bill Carter has a great piece out on the lack of women writers on the staffs of late night television shows. from the article: In many ways, television today is about women more than men. More women watch television than men; female producers and writers have had huge success in prime time and daytime; in January, women will occupy two of the three seats as anchors of network evening newscasts. But there is one glaring exception: very few women make it inside the writing rooms for late-night television hosts, despite that women make up a larger proportion of their audience than men. Irin over at at Jezebel used Carter's article to break down the number of women writ

Web designer found

Be on the lookout for a new and improved Switchback website after the new year! Still looking for a Managing Editor... Close your eyes and think of the most organized and proactive person you know. Is it you? Your long-lost soulmate? Your best friend Marv? Send them our way!

CT Ballentine Missing

a note from Jonathan Messinger at the Time Out Chicago Books Blog: Friends of writer, musician and co-editor of the local literary mag THE2NDHAND CT Ballentine are worried that he’s gone missing, and have filed a missing persons report in an effort to find him. CT was last seen on Friday November 6 at 3pm, and none of his friends or family have heard from him since...There’s a Facebook page where people can share information. UPDATE: CT’s family has posted to the Facebook page that he’s been found. Great to hear.

SB looking for a Managing Ed and Web Designer

Hi y'all, We're continuing to make large strides behind the scenes over here to make Switchback Books a long-term success. To that end, we're looking for a Managing Editor and a Web Designer. Hopefully you or someone you know will be interested! Descriptions below. Hugs, Brandi MANAGING EDITOR Switchback Books (a nonprofit feminist poetry press) is looking for a volunteer Managing Editor to be 110% committed to Switchback Books, with an average weekly commitment of 8 to 10 hours. Responsibilities include supervising all aspects of operations in coordination with the Editor-in-Chief, composing agendas for and leading staff meetings every three weeks via conference call, updating and se

Action Jessica

Three new poem-tales by Jessica Bozek are in the latest issue of Action Yes. Read them here!

Thanks for the memories...

Thanks to everyone who came out for Switchback Books night at the RockBox Poetry Jam last night! Was a lovely evening... so nice to hear such a multiplicity of voices. Here are a few pix. Enjoy! Publicity Coordinator Dolly Lemke reads from Peggy Munson's Pathogenesis. Development Coordinator Megan McMullen reads from Talk Shows by Mónica de la Torre Shiny pants. Hafizah and Dolly read their own work.

Tell Publishers Weekly

about all the books by women that they overlooked in their (womanless) Best Books of 2009 list here. Read WILLA's press release about PW's oversights* here. *err, clear biases justified as some sort of backlash against "political correctness," as if being politically correct were the same as correcting against the fact that most of your master listmakers are likely straight white men, who, as we've learned over the last 3,000ish years, are probably gonna look out for other straight white men where they can. Say it with me: He-ge-mo-ny! Oh shit! Don't tell the PC cops.

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