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Hey y'all, The upcoming year might be a little challenging for us Switchbackers, as editors leave the city (one already left, miss you H!) to go on to bigger and better things in their own lives. In order to make the transition a little easier on everyone, we have decided to move the contest to be more aligned with the academic calendar, so we can read manuscripts over the summer instead of over the fall semester and winter break. Therefore, our next contest period will be March 1 through June 1, 2010. Details to come both here and on our website. Over the year, you'll see some more exciting changes taking place as well (Sales! Events small and large! Potentially returning poets!).

Hanna Andrews @ Women and Children First!!!!

Friday, JUNE 26th @ Women and Children First 5233 N. Clake St., Chicago, IL @ 7:30 PM. Come witness the amazing and magical nature of our one and only Hanna Andrews as she appears from NYC to read with Carol Guess. Hanna doesn't appear very often so this is your chance to ask her to devulge and expose her workings as the indomitable woman poet and traveler of great distances. Hope to see you there!!!

Slam CTA Harassment with Poetry

The Rogers Park Young Women's Action Team who battle street abuse has now turned its attention towards harassment on the CTA. "They surveyed 639 CTA riders, mostly young women, and found that harassment on CTA buses and trains is pretty common. Just over half of those surveyed said they'd been sexually harassed on the CTA. Thirteen percent said they'd been sexually assaulted. Of those who had been harassed or assaulted, 91 percent said they didn't file a complaint with the police or the CTA. The transit agency had two recorded incidents of criminal sexual assault systemwide for all of last year." To reach more people and push for improvements, the women's group is planning a poetry slam

This Week's Myopic Reading Series

This Sunday, June 21, Switchback Books' Advisory Board Member, Simone Muench, will be reading at the Myopic Reading Series alongside Philip Jenks and Patrick Culliton. The reading will take place at Myopic Books at 7:00 pm (1564 N. Milwaukee Avenue, 2nd Floor)

Call for Work | Submit Submit Submit!

========================================== O SAY CAN YOU SEE: Nonverbal Reviews and Adaptations of Women's Poetry ========================================== Mina Loy, Surreal Scene, n.d. Collage on painted background, 12 5/8 x 9 1/2 in. Courtesy of the Jean Farley Levy Estate © Estate of Mina Loy. ========================================== What book, chapbook, performance, or poem by a woman poet published/presented in the last year or two has left you speechless? How might that speechlessness manifest itself visually, sonically, or through another nonverbal medium? Please create a response to this piece; your response can act like a review, adaptation, homage, investigation, co

"It's a tiny little book, but they want to burn it like a witch"

A teen book burns at the stake Christian rights group joins library fray The Christian Civil Liberties Union is suing the West Bend Community Library for refusing to remove Francesca Lia Block's young-adult novel Baby Be-Bop from its shelves. The plaintiffs claim that the book is "explicitly vulgar, racial (sic?), and anti-Christian." The lawsuit comes fresh on the heels of the library board's unanimous vote to oppose a plan to move all young adult novels that address gay and lesbian issues to the adult section. The School Library Journal describes Baby Be-Bop as: A prequel to the popular books about Weetzie Bat and her circle of quirky friends and relatives. This novel is about her

A Closer Look at the Lit 50 Reveals Feminist Poets & Publishers Rule

Incidentally I have read several of the Dancing Girl Press books including Daniela Olszewska’s “The Partial Autobiography of Jane Doe,” Kristie Odelius’s “Bee Spit, and Brandi Homan’s “Two Kinds of Arson.” All three of them were excellent (excuse the Bill and Tedism), witty and economical. --Vittorio Carli @

The Girls With A Positive Attitude Toward "Oneiromance (an epithalamion)"

Recently, Michelle Galo wrote a flattering and much deserved review of Kathleen Rooney's Oneiromance (an epithalamion). Such praise is not at all surprising, for as Galo describes this sequence of sequences: "Oneiromance deserves a place among the great love literature of our time." (To read review: On another note, Juliet Cook listed it as one of the Best Reads of 2008: We at Switchback say kudos to you Kathleen!

Mónica de la Torre Wins NYFA Grant!

Switchback's own de la Torre (Talk Shows) is one of only 18 poets to win a 2009 New York Foundation for the Arts grant! No one could deserve it more; congrats y felicidades, Mónica!

Our Own Hanna Andrews

Switchback Editor, Hanna Andrews, will be reading alongside poet Carol Guess on Friday, June 26th. The event will take place at Women & Children First and will begin at 7:30 pm The address is: 5233 N. Clark St. Chicago, IL 60640 We hope to see you there!

Shark Week, Switchback Style

Poems from Jessica Bozek's The Bodyfeel Lexicon have been selected by Simone Muench to play poems of the week up at Sharkforum! Click here to read "The Stationer's Transport" and "The Geometry Transport."

Printer's Row Lit Fest tomorrow!

So we're a little behind on promoting our events lately, but we want to let you know that we'll be styling in the sun all weekend long at Printer's Row Lit Fest. Fest hours are 10 to 6 both days, and while we aren't sharing a table this year with Featherproof Books (our BFFs—bookfair friends forever—who have their own table this year), we are part of the Chicago Publishers tent, which is Tent J on Dearborn just south of Harrison. Also featured in the tent are dancing girl press, Insight Press, Orange Alert, Sara Ranchouse, Stop Smiling, Chicago Publishers Gallery, contratiempo, Step-sister, City Files, 826-Chi, Green Sugar Press, Albert Whitman, Ivan R. Dee, NTI Upstream, and Virtual Arts Co

Chart Topper B-Ho!

Switchback Editor-in-Chief Brandi Homan hits the Newcity Lit 50 (rhymes with "city")! Homan serves as editor-in-chief of local feminist poetry press Switchback Books, which has published books by Jessica Bozek, Marisa Crawford, Peggy Munson and more. Homan’s a poet herself; expect her second full-length collection, titled “Bobcat Country,” in 2010 via Shearsman Books.

Amy Poehler Interviews Precocious Future Switchbackers

Amy Poehler and her BFFs Meredith Walker and Amy Miles are running a show full of radness called Smart Girls at the Party. The show "celebrates extraordinary individuals who are changing the world by being themselves." My favorite guests so far include Cameron The Writer: and Ruby The Feminist:

Summer (book) lovin'

All week long, Delirious Hem offers Poetics Forum #2: Deviant Beach Reads, curated by the unstoppable Danielle Pafunda, and featuring: Monday June 1: Michele Battiste on Emma Donoghue Cara Benson on Marianne Apostolides Mary Biddinger on Banana Yoshimoto Tuesday June 2: Michelle Detorie on Carol Emshwiller Kate Durbin on Angela Carter & Joan Didion Elisa Gabbert on Joy Williams Wednesday June 3: Brandi Homan on Selah Saterstrom Becca Klaver on Miranda July Kathleen Ossip on Jennifer Moxley Thursday June 4: Erika Meitner on Marjane Satrapi Evie Shockley on Renee Gladman & Selah Saterstrom Elizabeth Treadwell on Janet Frame Friday June 5: Lara Glenum on Can Xue Sarah

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